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Sadiq Jalal Al-Azm: A Critical Yet Humanist View of Arab Thought

“From “Self-Criticism after the Defeat” and later through his monograph “Love, and Platonic Love,” al-Azm engages in refuting myths and justifications, while also rejecting their use in perpetuating various kinds of ideological and political dominations…The correct answer to the question ‘Is Islam compatible with the humanist secular tendency and its components?’ is to call them incompatible if we examine them from the perspective of rigid dogma, but to label them compatible if we look at them from a historical perspective."


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The Uncompromising Voice of Syrian Screenwriter Fouad Hamira

Rebecca Joubin

Fouad Hamira, who began as an employee in the National Theater, has gone on to become one of the leading voices in Syrian television drama. He is renowned for his unwillingness to compromise with the forces of societal and political oppression. His controversial “Ghazlan fi Ghabat al-Dhi‘ab” (Gazelles in a Forest of Wolves), which was filled with a poignant critique of corruption and the abusive nature of power, was finally allowed to air  in 2006, although he had written the miniseries 15 years earlier.