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Terror in Istanbul, Discord in Beirut – When are the Innocent Guilty?

Celebration descended into grief in Istanbul as a terrorist attack on a nightclub claimed 39 lives, and left dozens more wounded just an hour after midnight on New Year’ s Day. The victims, many of them foreigners, included three Lebanese dead, with four more wounded.


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'Realist' Scholar's Argument Delights the Syrian Regime: 'To Crush ISIS, Make a Deal With Assad"!

Elie Chalala

One will hardly find a legitimate religious or secular authority supporting ISIS. But we also can hardly find an authority who discounts the importance of a political solution, either preceding or simultaneously implemented with an all-out anti-ISIS war. Exceptions do exist, and one in particular perplexes, since the scholar in question has closed his eyes and turned a deaf ear to what in Arabic is called (البيئة الحاضنة)--the communities that support ISIS, or otherwise constitute its popular constituency.