The Artist in Syria

By Etel Adnan

Dissident Syria
By miriam cooke
Duke University Press, 2007

I just read Miriam Cooke’s “Dissident Syria” and feel that this work has to be brought to the attention of specialists of Arab and Middle Eastern studies, students of literature and the general public.


Dreaming at the Crossroads of Cultures: Mirages

Angele Ellis

Issa Makhlouf’s “Mirages” (The Post-Apollo Press, 2015), formerly translated from the Arabic into French in 2004, returns in an English edition translated by Alicia F. Lam.

By Issa Makhlouf, translated into English by Alicia F. Lam
The Post-Apollo Press, 2015
Issa Makhlouf, an expatriate poet, possesses an anthropologist’s eye, a philosopher’s soul, a journalist’s sense of detail – and a heart rooted in the mountains and valleys of Lebanon.


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