Weaponizing the Bodies of Syrian Women – Rape, War, and Syria: The Crime That ‘Never Happens,’ The Shame that Never Dies!

Elie Chalala

Director Manon Loizeau’s recent documentary, “The Stifled Cry,” does not reveal something unknown about the crimes of the Syrian regime. However, it has shocked Arab audiences to watch and listen to Arab women speaking out about their experiences, whether openly, with their faces exposed, or under the cover of darkness, with backs turned away from the camera. Perhaps, one of the most important contributions of this film, this makes it impossible for those who, for whatever reason, denied the occurrences of sexual assaults inside the regime’s prisons, to continue their denials.

Little Time to Rest: 'Daughters' of Nomads

Pamela Nice

Watching “Daughters of Anatolia,” a film documenting the nomadic lifestyle of goat herders in contemporary Turkey, makes one aware of the value of ethnographic filmography over its drier, academic prose cousin. Describing the migratory path from the Mediterranean Sea to the Taurus Mountains cannot compare with seeing the breath-taking beauty of mountains in bloom as goats scramble over them.

A Day of Dignity: Karama with the Blood of Innocents

Bobby Gulshan

Karama Has No walls
Directed by Sara Ishaq
Cinema Guild, 2013

The heartbreaking film “Karama Has No Walls” recounts the 2011 protests in Yemen’s capital against the autocratic rule of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The film relies on extremely powerful first-hand video taken by protestors, primarily by two young cameramen, Khaled Rajeh and Nasr al-Namir, at protests referred to as “The day of Karama” or day of dignity.


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