Vol. 24, No. 78


“How Lebanon’s ‘State Within a State’ Escalated Financial Disaster: Two Beirut Landmarks –AUB, and Le Bristol Hotel –The Latest Collateral Damage” by Elie Chalala; “Award-Winning Amin Maalouf Sees World Civilization on the Edge of the Abyss!” by Elie Chalala; “Women in Kanafani’s ‘Umm Saad’: How Revolutionary is the ‘Revolutionary Mother’ as a Symbol and Actor?” by Odette Yidi David; “Alaa Salah: The Young Sudanese Woman Who Became the Icon of a Revolution” by Naomi Pham; “Bandar Abdel-Hamid (1947-2020): Editor and Poet Transformed His Humble Damascus Apartment into Inspiring ‘Literary Salon’ by Elie Chalala; “The Metamorphosis of a 19th Century Syrian Feminist: Hanna K. Kourani’s Journey from Lebanese Village to Chicago Women’s Rights Conference” by Naomi Pham; “Silent in First Person: Where is the Confessional Autobiography in Arab Literature?” by Al Jadid Staff; “Can Arabic Language ‘Translate’ into the Modern World?” by Elie Chalala; “Irrational and Divergent Arab Voices on COVID-19: Charlatans, Medical and Political, Exploit Pandemic” by Elie Chalala; “Against Expectations, Palestinian Filmmaker Finds His Relevance Through Comedy” by Naomi Pham; “Farah Al-Qasimi, Between Two Worlds: Arab Americans in Detroit” by Dora Apel


“Mahmoud Darwish: Palestine as Metaphor” translated by Amira El-Zein and Carolyn Forché, reviewed by Angele Ellis; “The Buried: An Archaeology of the Egyptian Revolution” by Peter Hessler, reviewed by Pamela Nice; “When All Else Fails” by Rayyan Al-Shawaf, reviewed by D.W. Aossey; “Palestinian Cinema in the Days of Revolution” by Nadia Yaqub, reviewed by Michael Teague; “Older Brother” by Mahir Guven, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Love, Sex, and Desire in Modern Egypt: Navigating the Margins of Respectability” by L.L. Wynn, reviewed by Pamela Nice; “A Small Door Set in Concrete: One Woman’s Story of Challenging Borders in Israel/Palestine” by Ilana Hammerman, reviewed by Priscilla Wathington; “Acting Egyptian” by Carmen M.K. Gitre, reviewed by Zeina Salame; “Ninette of Sin Street” by Vitalis Danon, reviewed by Naomi Pham; “Sentence to Hope: A Sa’adallah Wannous Reader” by Sa’adallah Wannous, reviewed by Hala Baki; “Sophie Halaby in Jerusalem: An Artist’s Life” by Laura S. Schor, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Egypt’s Beer: Stella, Identity, and the Modern State” by Omar Foda, reviewed by Michael Teague; “The Beauty of Your Face” by Sahar Mustafah, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Writings on the Wall: Palestinian Oral Histories” by Thomas Suárez, reviewed by Angele Ellis


“The Cholera” by Nazik al-Malaika


“After the Bombing” (1977) by Seta Manoukian

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