Vol. 23, No. 76

Essays & Features

The War Produced More than 50 Novels: Experience and Expression of Conflict Creates Crossroads Moment in Syrian Literature
By Abdo Wazen

‘Sexuality in the Arab World’: Book Attempts to Shed Multi-Faceted Light on Subject Long in the Shadows
By Mouhamad Houjeiri

The Arabic Novel: The Voice of an Oppressed People
By Shaker al-Anbari

Siham Nasser: Lebanese Playwright, Fiery Promoter of an Independent Theater, Dies at 69
By Elie Chalala

May Menassa: Journalist, Novelist Wrote in the Black Ink of War and Tragedy
By Elie Chalala

For a Friend Sorely Missed
Moayyad al-Rawi (1939-2015)
By Elie Chalala

Ali al-Shawk in the Eyes of One Acquaintance
By Mahmoud Saeed

Twentieth Century Lebanese Beauty and Unappreciated Intellectual May Ziadeh at Center of Controversy Now as Then
By Elie Chalala

Marie Colvin: The Real ‘Rose in the Desert’
Iconic, Storied Reporter Faithfully Depicted the Human Cost of War
By Naomi Pham

New Book on Adonis: A ‘Rehabilitation’ Biography?
By Elie Chalala

Egyptian Novelist Alaa al-Aswany’s Career: A Study in Irony That Outdoes Any Novel!
By Elie Chalala and Naomi Pham

Late Entry for Arabic Booker Award Prompts Renewed Outcry for Judging Reform
By Elie Chalala and Naomi Pham


Two Films Document Hope, Anxiety of ‘Arab Spring’s’ Early Days
By Lynne Rogers 

How an American-Qatari Couple Make It Work
By Lynne Rogers

Three Women, One Struggle: Film Documents Social Workers’ Efforts for Social Justice
By Lynne Rogers

Documentary Examines Different Narratives of Lebanese War From Perspectives of Major Participants
By Naomi Pham 


The Red Spell
By Hanna Saadah


To Leave... And To Return: An Exclusive Interview With ‘The Other Americans’ Author, Immigrant Novelist Laila Lalami
By Bobby Gulshan


Mystery Upon Mystery: A Quebecois Mosque Shooting
By Lynne Rogers

In Madness of Beirut’s Civil War, New Novel Set ‘Above the Cemetery Road’
By Angele Ellis 

Generational Domestic Abuse in a Palestinian-American Family
By Lynne Rogers

What is the Property of the Landless? New Book Examines Issue of Palestinian Refugees’ ‘Property Rights’
By D.W. Aossey

Cultural Criticism As Comedy in El Guindi’s “Selected Works”
By Priscilla Wathington

Mustafa Khalifa’s ‘The Shell’ Latest Example of Literature Offering Insight of Syrian Ordeal
By Fawaz Azem

The Sexual Unconscious of the Arab Revolutions
By Pamela Nice

An American Mystery Told By ‘Other Americans’
By Lynne Rogers


By Moayyad Al-Rawi

The Sun is Setting
By Moayyad Al-Rawi 

By Moayyad Al-Rawi

By Moayyad Al-Rawi


Incessant Rhythm and Movement: Doris Bittar’s Culturally Inclusive Patterns
By Tatiana Sizonenko

Cover Artist

“Tarab Soundings 6” (2019) by Doris Bittar

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