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Vol. 22, No. 74


Al Jadid is a Review & Record of Arab Culture and Arts ( As usual, the new issue is rich with essays and features, books, films, and poetry.

“The Literary Legacy of Makkawi Said, Unrivalled Chronicler of Cairo” by Elie Chalala; “Realist Lebanese Political Theater Pioneer: Jalal Khoury (1933-2017)” by Elie Chalala; “The ‘Guernica’ Connection: The Crimes of Assad and the Ghost of Franco” by Hisseine Faradj; “Lebanese Christian Cleric Debunks Myth of Rejectionist Moral Outrage Over Jerusalem” by Elie Chalala; “The Siren Song of Damascus, Unchanged, Ever Changing” by Bachar al-Issa; “Christian Cleric Challenges Concerns Over Jerusalem Above Other Suffering Mideast Communities” by Father George Massouh; “Shadia (1931-2017): Farewell, ‘Egypt’s Cinema Darling’” by Nada Ramadan Elnahla; “Following His Heart: The Talents and Political Causes of Jean Chamoun” by Mohamad Ozeir; “Setting the Standards for Arabic Translation: Denys Johnson-Davies (1922-2017)” by Elie Chalala and Naomi Pham.

“The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability” by Jasbir K. Puar, reviewed by Sarah Rogers; “Looking Both Ways” by Pauline Kaldas, reviewed by Priscilla Wathington; “Hend and the Soldiers” by Badriah Albeshr, reviewed by Sarah Rogers; “Visit the Old City of Aleppo” by Khaldoun Fansa, reviewed by Fawaz Azem; “Young Palestinians Speak: Living Under Occupation” by Anthony Robinson and Annemarie Young, reviewed by Priscilla Wathington; “Leaving Syria: Seeking Refuge in Greece” by Bill Dienst, MD and Madi Williamson, reviewed by Sarah Rogers; “The American Quarter” by Jabbour Douaihy, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Using Life (Emerging Voices from the Middle East)” by Ahmad Naji and Ayman Al Zorkany, reviewed by D. W. Aossey; “Salt Houses” by Hala Alyan, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “I Don’t Want This Poem to End” by Mahmoud Darwish, reviewed by Priscilla Wathington; “shadow of the heron,” “Nothing True Has a Name,” “Air Tea with Dolores,” and “Even Now the Embers” by Djelloul Marbrook, reviewed by Angele Ellis; “On the Arab-Jew, Palestine, and Other Displacements: Selected Writings” by Ella Shohat, reviewed by Pamela Nice.

“A Revolution in Four Seasons” directed by Jessie Deeter, reviewed by Sarah Rogers; “Letters from Baghdad” directed by Sabine Krayenbuhl and Zeva Oelbaum, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Breaking Silence” directed by Nadya Ali, reviewed by Bobby Gulshan; “Nothing Is Forgiven” directed by Vincent Coen & Guillaume Vandenberghe, reviewed by Angele Ellis; “Syrie, Le Cri Etouffe (Syria: The Stifled Cry)” directed by Manon Loizeau, reviewed by Elie Chalala.

“Justice” by Riyadh Al-Saleh Al-Hussein; “The Silence” by Riyadh Al-Saleh Al-Hussein; “Echoes” by Farag Bayrakdar.

Etab Hrieb (Cover artwork “Women and Shadows,” 2014-2017).