Vol. 19, No. 69

ESSAYS AND FEATURES: “When a Corpse Becomes an Icon for Syria’s Agony and Abandonment!” by Elie Chalala; “Rescuing Christianity in Syria!” by Salam Kawakibi; “Europe’s New Refugee Problem Requires Explanation Beyond War!” by Bobby Gulshan; “Ibtihal Salem: Author, Social Critic, and Mentor” by Caroline Seymour-Jorn; “Faten Hamama (1931-2015): The Loss of an Arab Icon” by Nada Ramadan Elnahla.

EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK/ELIE CHALALA: “Whatever is Left of the Levantine Spirit?”; “Arab Revolutions Produce Neither New Knowledge Nor Genuine Criticism;” “Sabah Zwein (1955-2014): An Innovative and Haunted Poet.”


“Still Life,” Directed by Diana Allan and reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Feminism Inshallah: A History of Arab Feminism,” directed by Feriel Ben Mahmoud and “Nada’s Revolution,” directed by Claudia Lisboa, both documentaries reviewed by Angele Ellis; “Exile, a Myth Unearthed,” directed by Ilan Ziv and reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “American Arab,” directed by Usama Alshaibi and reviewed by Angele Ellis; “Karama Has No Walls,” directed by Sara Ishaq and reviewed by Bobby Gulshan; “Stealing the Fire,” directed by Eric Nadler and John Friedman and reviewed by D.W. Aossey; “Inside Assad’s Syria,” Frontline PBS Documentary, written and produced by Martin Smith and reviewed by Bobby S. Gulshan.


“The Plain of Dead Cities: A Syrian Tale” by Bruce McLaren, reviewed by D.W. Aossey; “Among the Ruins: Syria Past and Present” by Christian Sahner, reviewed by Tim Louthan; “Arab Art Histories: The Khalid Shoman Collection” by Sarah A. Rogers and Eline van der Vlist, reviewed by Doris Bittar; “Silencing the Sea: Secular Rhythms in Palestinian Poetry” by Khaled Furani, reviewed by Zaid Shlah; “The Revolt of the Young: Essays by Tawfiq al-Hakim” Translated by Mona Radwan, reviewed by Nada Ramadan Elnahla; “Fireworks” by Sarah Houssayni, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “The Female Suffering Body, Illness and Disability in Modern Arab Literature” by Abir Hamdar, reviewed by Bobby Gulshan; “Safer Barlik: Famine in Mount Lebanon During World War I” by Louis Farshee, reviewed by Angele Ellis; “What Makes a Man? Sex Talk in Beirut and Berlin” by Rashid al-Daif and Joachim Helfer, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Murder Under the Bridge, a Palestine Mystery” by Kate Jessica Raphael, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “The Last Refuge: Yemen, Al Qaida, and America’s War in Arabia” by Gregory D. Johnsen, reviewed by D.W. Aossey; “Sand Opera” by Philip Metres, reviewed by Angele Ellis; “Arab American Drama, Film and Performance: A Critical Study, 1908 to the Present” by Michael Malek Najjar, reviewed by Angele Ellis; “Who’s Afraid of Meryl Streep?” by Rashid al-Daif, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Chronicles of Majnun Layla and Selected Poems” by Qassim Haddad, reviewed by Joseph Sills; “African Titanics” by Abu Bakr Khaal, reviewed by Aisha K. Nasser.

POETRY: “Bread,” by Fawzia Alwi; “Child on a Shore,” by Massoud Akou; “When Morning Died: A Tribute to Sabah (1927-2014),” by Hanna Saadah; “Confusion,” by Fawzia Alwi.

Cover Artist

Doris Bittar whose artwork “Encoded Walk: On Beaten Path in Hama,” 2015, is an interdisciplinary artist. Her projects examine decorative motifs and how they intersect with historical and geopolitical legacies. Bittar’s art is housed in public collections in the United States and abroad. She is a core member of Gulf Labor, and co-founder of Gulf Labor West. Bittar received a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of California San Diego, and teaches at California State University, San Marcos.

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