Topics covered in Vol. 13, nos.58/59

Al Jadid


The Season of Tayeb Salih – Crossing the Boundaries, By Lynne Rogers

Lebanese Immigrants in Australia: Growing Up in a Culture of Taxi Driving

By Christine Eid

Abstract Sculpture Cropping up in Beirut’s Public Spaces

By Rima Barakat

Clearing the Path to a Mainstream Arab-American Literature

By Andrea Shalal-Esa


Report from Washington D.C.

Kennedy Center Festival Underscores Growing Interest in Arab Literature

By Andrea Shalal-Esa

In Memoriam: Suheil Idriss (1925-2008)

Founder of Al Adab ‘moved the waters’of Arab Literature

By Mahmoud Saeed


Monkith Saaid: Fingertips Grasping Place, by Shawqi Abd Al-Amir



The Artist In Syria. Etel Adnan reviews Miriam Cook’s ‘Dissident Syria.’

Nahda’s Children. Michael Najjar reviews Richard Jacquemond’s ‘Conscience of the Nation: Writers, State, and Society in Modern Egypt.’ 

Tackling Taboos in Chicago Setting. Susan Muaddi Darraj reviews Alaa al-Aswany’s ‘Chicago.’

West, Mideast Dichotomy in Veil Debate. Simone Stevens reviews Jennifer Heath’s (ed) ‘Veils.’

A Critical Tribute to the Poet of Exile. Lynne Rogers reviews Hala Khamis and Najat Rahman’s (eds)‘Mahmoud Darwish: Exile’s Poet, Critical Essays.’

Outside the Rubric ‘War on Terror. Michael Teague reviews Augustus Richard Norton’s ‘Hezbollah: A Short History.’

Listen to Etel Adnan. Mark Grimes reviews Etel Adnan’s ‘Seasons.’

A Gulf With A Past Building on Desert Tides. Doris Bittar reviews Ronald Hawker’s ‘Traditional Architecture of the Arabian Gulf.’

The Everyday Turned Apocalyptic in New Melhem Opus. Najat Rahman reviews D. H. Melhem’s ‘Stigma & The Cave: Two Novels.’

Taha Muhammad Ali:  Journeys and Returns. Zaid Shalah reviews ‘Taha Muhammad Ali’s ‘New and Selected Poems.’

My ‘American Bride’ Goes Beyond the Autobiographical.  Sarah A. Rogers reviews Elie Salem’s ‘My American Bride.’

Capturing the Surreal with triumphant sleight of pen. Theri Alyce Pickens reviews Frances Khirallah Noble’s‘The New Belly Dancer of the Galaxy.’

Khaled Mattawa’s ‘Adulthood.’ Etel Adnan reviews Khaled Mattawa’s ‘Adulthood.’

Transcending the Stark Realities of the Middle East. D. W. Aossey reviews Elsa Marston’s ‘Santa Claus In Baghdad: And Other Stories About Teens in the Arab World.’

Market Demands, Nationalist Ideology and Brazil’s ‘Turko’ Population. Pauline Homsi Vinson reviews John Tofik Karam’s ‘Another Arabesque: Syrian-Lebanese Ethnicity in Neoliberal Brazil.’

Music in Free Verse. Theri Alyce Pickens reviews Zaid Shlah’s ‘Taqism.’

The Art of Storytelling Revisited. Hilary Hesse reviews Raja Alem and Tom McDonough’s ‘My Thousand and One Nights: A Novel of Mecca.’

Building the Future While Embracing the Past: New Directions in Arab-American Art and Culture. D. W. Aossey reviews three books: Salwa Mikdadi’s (ed.) ‘In/Visible: Contemporary Art by Arab American Artists,’ Anan Ameri and Holly Arida’s (eds.) ‘Etching Our Own Image: Voices from Within the Arab American Art Movement,’ and Ismael Ahmed, Anan Ameri, and Maha Freij’s ‘Telling Our Story: The Arab American National Museum.’

An International Saga of Islamic Art. Simone Fattal reviews Lynette Singer’s (ed.) ‘The Minbar of Saladin: Reconstructing a Jewel of Islamic Art.’



Film Comments/by Rebecca Joubin
Searching for the Truth on the Road to Batna, a review of ‘The Yellow House’ (La Maison Jaune);  Healing the Psychological Wounds of War, a review of ‘Young Freud in Gaza’; Nowhere to Go: Conflict in the Polygamous Family, a review of ‘Four Wives -- One Man’;  Ironic Parallel of Emigration, Disdain of West, a review of  ‘Recycle’; and Before Their Escape: Home Videos and Questions in Exile, a review of ‘Baghdad Twist’.

Occupational, Political Hazards of Free Speech, a review by Lynne Rogers of  ‘Bloody Cartoons.’

Speaking Out Against Tribal Injustice, a review by Bobby Gulshan of ‘Dishonored.’

A Woman’s Experience of ‘Justice,’ a review of  by Simone Stevens of  ‘Three Times Divorced.’

Accidental Love Story Under Occupation, a review by Salam Mir of ‘Salt of this Sea.’

Tangier House—A ‘Feel-Good’ Documentary, a review by Lynne Rogers of ‘Tangier House.’

Animated film jars memory of Sabra and Chatila: Waltz with Bashir, a review by Brigitte Caland of “Waltz with Bashir.’





Exploring Displacement and Division in North America and Palestine. D.W. Aossey reviews‘Deportation Nation: Visual Migrations.’




Dialogue with Sculptor Monkith Saaid Before His Passing: Searching for Balance between Art and Life, by Bandar Abd Al-Hamid

Connecting the Dots:  Soueif on Arabesque Festival in D.C., translating Arab literature, Arabs as cultural producers, by Andrea Shalal-Esa



A Star Orchestra of Our Ownby Sami Asmar





Two Poems by Mahmoud Darwish: “If I were a Hunter” and “In the Company of Things.”

Three Poems by Ghada Samman: “My Bare Heart Will Always Love You,” “Denying A Rumor,” and“Damascus: The Impossible Return!”


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