My Sunrise

Hanna Saadah
The moon’s long fingers gently tap my door
Before the sun intrudes upon the sky
The yellow morning yawns, the calm clouds snore
I wrap myself with silence and I cry.
The sun awakens to my timid tears
Alerts the atmosphere, the birds, the trees
Her warming hands unravel all my fears
Her smile, vast, cosmic, puts my soul at ease.
Then heaven’s windows close to hold the night
Who gently rocks my tired eyes to rest 
Again, I see your moonlit face ignite
Escort the morning sun from east to west.
Long have I lived and waited for the light
Long have I slept and wasted in the night.
Sunday, March 13, 2016

This poem will appear in Al Jadid, Vol. 20, No. 70, 2016.


© Copyright 2016 AL JADID MAGAZINE

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