Issue No. 52

 Contents Essays & Features
Failed Ideology Stands in as Alibi, by Elie Chalala. 

TV Documentary Series on Nezar Kabbani Presents Poet's Life as Sanitized, Commercial Spectacle, by Mohammad Ali Atassi

Assia Djebar: Immortal Sycophant or Courageous Humanist?, by Lynne Rogers

Don't Apologize for What You Wrote!, by Charbel Dagher
The Place of Origin, by Mouayed al-Rawi

Arab-American Arts: The Art of Andrea Ali and Adnan Charara, by Fayeq Oweis

Excerpts from: 'In the Shadow of Politics, in the Light of Truth,' by Adonis

Alfred Basbous (1924-2006): Legacy of Three Brothers Turns Lebanese Village into Sculpture Center, by Nancy Linthicum

George Hawi (1938-2005): A Man for All Seasons,by Iskandar Mansour

Egyptian Playwright Alfred Farag: Prison, Exile and Triumph Through Theater, by Dina Amin

Tawfiq al-Basha (1924-2005): Passion for Modernizing Arab Music, by Sami Asmar

Issam Mahfouz (1939-2006): Recalling Poet, Playwright, Critic as Authentic Modernist, by Mohammed Dakroub

 InterviewsJawad al-Assadi: Director Returns to Iraq to Find Nothing the 'Same,' by Rebecca JoubinRanda Chahal: 'Always This Running Away.' Filmmaker's Complex Identities Spawn Thematic Dualities, by Brigitte CalandExhibitionsOrientalist Ephemera Collection at UCLA, by Judith Gabriel

 FilmsImages of Shiite Martyrdom, by Pamela Nice 

Josef Fares Returns to Beirut for Swedish Film 'Zozo,' by Judith Gabriel

 Questioning Basics at a Time of Decline, by John Naoum Tannous

Two New Poetry Volumes by Arab Americans, by Judith Gabriel 

Persian Gardens & Iranian Prisons, by Judith Gabriel

Heartbreak, Soapsuds and Patriotism on Egyptian TV, by Lynne Rogers

Treaties Trace Emergence of Region, by Malek Abisaab

Books in Brief // Lynne Rogers
'Scattered Crumbs,' by Muhsin al-Ramli
'Children of the Waters,' by Ibtihal Salem
'Farewell to Alexandria,' by Harry E. Tzalas
'Fugitive Light,' by Mohamed Berrada
'Clamor of the Lake,' by Mohamed El-Bisatie
'The Lovers of Algeria,' by Anouar Benmalek
'The Star of Algiers,' by Aziz Chouaki

Books in Brief // Pauline Homsi Vinson
'The Night of the First Billion,' by Ghada Samman
'Muslim Narratives and the Discourse of English,' by Amin Malak

Traditional Arab Sounds via Urban Electronica, by Judith Gabriel

Three Poems by Ghada Samman
'Not Every Death is Worthy of Death,' by Charbel Dagher
'The City's Keeper,' by Mouayed al-Rawi
Two Poems by Issam Mahfouz