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Issam Mahfouz (1939-2006): Recalling Poet, Playwright, Critic as the Attractive Modernist

Mohammad Dakroub

Mahfouz wrote 45 books throughout his life, containing diverse artistic and cultural wealth within those works. Mahfouz’s writings displayed certain characteristic features which distinguish this comprehensive intellectual, observer, and visionary who expressed in his books an intellectual, modernist, and progressive position -- sometimes firm, sometimes flexible.


Edwar al-Kharrat and the Modernist Revolution in the Egyptian Novel

Amal Amireh

Al-Kharrat was born in 1926 in Alexandria to a Coptic Christian family.  At age 17 he became the household’s sole breadwinner following the death of his father, who was the owner of a small business. Despite his heavy responsibilities, al-Kharrat successfully completed a degree in law from Alexandria University in 1946. Two years later he was thrown in jail for belonging to a left-wing political group. He was released in 1950. 


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