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Lebanon Redeems a Tradition of Freedom-- Court Exhonerates Khalife of All Charges

Al Jadid Staff

A Lebanese court has acquitted one of the Arab world's most popular singer-composers, Marcel Khalife, of offending Islam.

Khalife would have faced up to three years in prison if convicted. He was not in court in mid-December 1999 when the verdict was handed down by Judge Ghada Abu Karroum, who said there was no evidence the singer had tried to vilify the religion and instigate disdain for Islam. "He performed the song in such a way that does not violate the sanctity of the Koranic text," she said.

Mohammed Shukri's ‘The White Sparrow' and Its Message

Muhy Din Lazikani

When he started his writing journey in the early 1960s, Mohammed Shukri did not dream of more than regional fame in northern Morocco . He is not ashamed to talk about that period of his literary life in his new book, “The White Sparrow.” On the contrary, he is clearly smiling at himself when he recalls after all these years, how he then chose for himself the title, “The Moroccan Writer.”


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