The Cost of Feminism

Lynne Rogers

In the documentary, “Unveiled Views”, Muslim feminists with and without the veil, speak of their costly pursuance of art and freedom.  In Turkey, the glamorous and tenacious Eren Keskin, a human rights attorney with a classically trained singing voice, ...

Life at the Wall

Al Jadid Staff

While most documentaries on the occupation of Palestine focus on the abuse of innocent civilians,”This Way Up,” winner of several awards including the 2008 Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, takes an original and poignant view ...

No Garbage, No Wife

Lynne Rogers

Mai Iskander’s new documentary, “Garbage Dreams,” delves into the lives of the “Zaballeen,” the 60,000 Coptic Christians who live on the outskirts of Cairo collecting and recycling the garbage of Cairo’s 18 million people...


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