No Garbage, No Wife

Lynne Rogers

Mai Iskander’s new documentary, “Garbage Dreams,” delves into the lives of the “Zaballeen,” the 60,000 Coptic Christians who live on the outskirts of Cairo collecting and recycling the garbage of Cairo’s 18 million people...


Garbage Dreams

Directed by Mai Iskander

Iskander Films. 2009, 79 minutes

A Time to Say No

Bobby S. Gulshan

Raised to be Heroes

Directed by Jack Silberman
National Film Board of Canada, 2006

To dissent may well be the highest form of patriotism. While it is indeed noble to offer one’s life in blood for the sake of the nation, imagine the odds stacked against someone who believes deep within that the greatest contribution to preserve the health of the homeland is to refuse to carry out that particular task.

To refuse, while the greater majority and its near-sacred institutions label you a traitor and labor to silence your voice behind stone and steel.

Approaching Iraq: Poetry and Nationality

Beige Luciano-Adams

Iraq in Fragments

Directed by James Longley
Distributed by Arab Film Distribution, 2006

“Iraq in Fragments,” director James Longley’s lush and haunting dreamscape of “post war” Iraq, won critical acclaim, including an Academy Award nomination and three 2006 Sundance Film Festival awards (Best Documentary Director, Editing and Cinematography). The documentary is broken into three parts: Sunni, Shia and Kurd.

Young Canadians Craft Documentaries on Issues Affecting Muslim Women

Lynne Rogers

Me and the Mosque
Directed by Zarqa Nawaz
National Film Board of Canada, 2005

Vendetta Song
Directed by Eylem Kaftan
National Film Board of Canada, 2005

Two female Muslim Canadian filmmakers candidly document the gender inequities they find within their own communities in two recent films. Zarqa Nawaz travels across North America in “Me and the Mosque,” examining the growing phenomenon of segregating


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