‘A Tunisian Tale’: Journey into Dark Corners of Tunis, and Human Mind

By Ghada Alatrash

A Tunisian Tale
By Hassouna Mosbahi
Translated by Max Weiss
The American University in Cairo Press, 2011.

“A Tunisian Tale” is a succinct and skilfully written novel that takes its readers into the darkest corners of Tunis and of the human mind.  The “tale” is narrated in alternating first-person monologues by a dead mother (Najma) and a son (Alaa al-Din), who awaits his impending execution in his prison cell. 

Lebanese Civil war Through the Eyes of a Child

By Bobby Gulshan

Bye Bye Babylon, Beirut 1975-1979
By Lamia Ziade
Interlink Graphics Publishing, 2011

The graphic novel has become a highly respected genre of writing. What was once derided as a “pop” form of literature – comic books for teens – the graphic novel is now used by many great authors, such as Marjan Satrapi and Art Speigelman. And Lamia Ziade’s “Bye, Bye Bablyon” is no exception. Her novel is a jarring, disquieting, yet deeply touching exploration of the beginning of the Lebanese civil war from the eyes of a child.


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