Lebanese Civil war Through the Eyes of a Child

By Bobby Gulshan

Bye Bye Babylon, Beirut 1975-1979
By Lamia Ziade
Interlink Graphics Publishing, 2011

The graphic novel has become a highly respected genre of writing. What was once derided as a “pop” form of literature – comic books for teens – the graphic novel is now used by many great authors, such as Marjan Satrapi and Art Speigelman. And Lamia Ziade’s “Bye, Bye Bablyon” is no exception. Her novel is a jarring, disquieting, yet deeply touching exploration of the beginning of the Lebanese civil war from the eyes of a child.

Empire by Division: Power Transition Proves Critical to Future Conflict

Lynne Rogers

In “From Empire to Empire,” Abigail Jacobson analyzes the social tapestry of Jerusalem during the city’s transition from Ottoman Rule to the British Mandate between 1912 and 1920,. By focusing on the urban dynamic during this particular shift of “interimperialism,” Jacobson hopes “to move beyond the well-known and oversimplified religious categories..



From Empire to Empire
By Abigail Jacobson
Syracuse University Press,  2011, 262 pages


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