Marvelous Meanderings

By Pauline Homsi Vinson

Flying Carpets
By Hedy Habra
Greensboro, NC: March Street Press, 2012.

Hedy Habra’s “Flying Carpets” is an enchanting collection of short stories that transports the reader from a childhood in a bygone era of Egypt to scenes set alternately in the United States, France, Lebanon, and Mexico. Each story takes the reader on a magical flight spurred on by longing, loss, and the search for the intangible yet true.

‘A Tunisian Tale’: Journey into Dark Corners of Tunis, and Human Mind

By Ghada Alatrash

A Tunisian Tale
By Hassouna Mosbahi
Translated by Max Weiss
The American University in Cairo Press, 2011.

“A Tunisian Tale” is a succinct and skilfully written novel that takes its readers into the darkest corners of Tunis and of the human mind.  The “tale” is narrated in alternating first-person monologues by a dead mother (Najma) and a son (Alaa al-Din), who awaits his impending execution in his prison cell. 


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