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VOL. 27, NO. 84, 2023
Al Jadid is a Review & Record of Arab Culture and Arts ( This new issue of Al Jadid (Vol. 27, No. 84, 2023) explores contemporary culture and the arts. It provides a critical overview of the social-political scene in both the Arab world and its diaspora.
“A Fresh Look at the Debate: Definitions and Historiography of Arab Americans in the New Century” by Elie Chalala • “Arab American Literature Pioneers Incorporating Modernism and Reason: How Later Generations Reduced a Dynamic Legacy to Mere Genealogy” by Elie Chalala • “Second-Wave Arab American Literature Caught Between Assimilation and Diversity: Literary Legacy Which Descended into a Dormant Period Experienced a Revival in the Late 1960s” by Naomi Pham • “To a Woman He Never Met: What Gibran’s Love Letters to May Ziadeh Reveal About the Inner Life of the ‘Prophet’s’ Author” by Lynne Rogers • “The Secret History: Reframing Arab American Origin Stories Through a Queer Lens” by Angele Ellis • “With Cutting-Edge Scholarship, New Reader ‘Sajjilu’ Challenges Traditional, Homogenous Archive Representations of Arab American Studies” by Lynne Rogers • ‘“details stolen from the heavens’: Rich Anthology of Love Poems Spotlights New Generation of Anglophone Arab Writers” by Angele Ellis
“Lebanon Still Overshadowed by Oblivion as Port Blast Aftermath Enters Fourth Year” by Naomi Pham • “The Imperialism of Indifference: From Colonial Voice to Reliable News Source Trusted by Generations, the BBC Closes Its Iconic Arabic Radio After 85 Years” by Elie Chalala • “Nazik al-Malaika: Queen of Free Verse Remains Uncertain” by Elie Chalala • “Layla Baalbaki (1936-2023): Lebanese Writer Who Left a Revolutionary Storm in Modern Arab Feminist Novel at 22 Before Unexpected Adieu to Fiction Writing” by Abdo Wazen • “Layla Baalbaki: The Last Existential Feminist” by Naomi Pham • “Farewell to Habib Sadek (1931-2023): Friend, Poet, and Exceptionally Honest Politician” by Elie Chalala • “Haidar Haidar (1936-2023): Author Who Shunned Spotlight and For Whom Writing Was Truly Its Own Reward” by Elie Chalala • “A Legacy Recorded in Eulogy: Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh (1937-2022), Pillar of  Yemeni  Letters Whose Words Touched Generations of Arab Writers” by Elie Chalala • “Six Years After Publication, Zionist Protests Transform Adania Shibli’s ‘Minor Detail’ Into a Major Detail” by Elie Chalala
“Invited to Witness: Solidarity Tourism across Occupied Palestine” by Jennifer Lynn Kelly, reviewed by Lynne Rogers • “Fugitive Dreams: Chronicles of Occupation and Resistance” by Ramsey Hanhan, reviewed by Pamela Nice • “Between Two Moons: A Novel” by Aisha Abdel Gawad, reviewed by Lynne Rogers • “Women’s War Stories: The Lebanese Civil War, Women’s Labor, and the Creative Arts” edited by Michelle Hartman and Malek Abisaab, reviewed by Lynne Rogers • “Socialist Feminism: A New Approach” by Frieda Afary, reviewed by D.W. Aossey
When Salman Rushdie Inspired the Late Evelyn Shakir! • Rare Gibran Drawings and Paintings Reveal Faces Transcending Time • ‘Repentance’ Illustrates Mikhail Naimy’s Humanism, Pacifism, and Anti-Nationalism • From Emigration to Excommunication: Iconic Mahjari Writer Ameen Rihani, Celebrated in Lebanon Despite Estrangement from Maronite Church • Emily Nasrallah Reads Between the Lines of Community and Culture • Salma Khadra Jayyusi (1926-2023): Balancing Tradition, Modernity, Individual Expression, and Community Structure • Faith and Sexuality in Tragicomic Struggle • Edwar al-Kharrat and the Modernist Revolution in the Egyptian Novel • Intellectuals Trapped in a Web of Irony: Fiction Imparts More Truth About Lebanese Civil War than Historical Literature • Piecing Together Individual Experiences: Arab Americans in the ‘Mosaic’ of American History • The Characters of Naguib Mahfouz Evolve Alongside Their Creator
“The Cholera” by Nazik al-Malaika, translated by Fawaz Azem • “Was It Love?” by Badr Shakir al-Sayyab, translated by Fawaz Azem
Over the past ten years, Etab Hrieb (cover artwork: “Sufi Dance,” 2020) has lived and worked in Chicago as a painter. Originally from Syria, she graduated from the Damascus University of Fine Arts. Her artistic style expresses the innocence and imagination of her childhood, emphasizing both the real world and a fragile memory at the same time.
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