Al Jadid Staff
VOL. 25, NO. 80/81, 2021
“Founded in Egypt by Lebanese Immigrants, Legendary Al Ahram Newspaper Marks 145th Anniversary”; “Beirut’s People Still Waiting: The Government That Left a Bomb on Their Doorstep Now Leaves Them Out in the Cold”; “Arabic in the Digital Age: As Technologies Merge and the Digital Revolution Progresses, Arabic Digital Presence Lags Behind”; “Despite Spending by Local Arab Media, Foreign-Owned Media Platforms Continue to Win Struggle for Trust of Audience”; “Egyptian Belly Dance Losing Touch with Roots as Cultural Phenomenon”; “Habermas vs. the Sheikh Zayed Book Award: An Intellectual or Soft Power Conflict!”; “Sabah Fakhri: Loss of the Last Giant”; “Arab Publishing Industry Drowning in Tsunami of Economic, Social Crises”; “The State of Arab Journalism: Emile Menhem’s Dynamic Blend of Text and Visual Aesthetics Modernizes the Arab Newsroom”; “In a Statistical Vacuum, Speculating on the Arab-American Vote, 2016 vs. 2020”; “Can a Nation Plagued by Mass Corruption, Decaying Institutions, and Rabid Sectarianism Deliver Justice for Those Lost and Victimized by the August Explosion?”; “The Roots of Ego: Is Arab Literature Ready For Real Autobiography?”; “A Multifaceted Diaspora: New History Explores the Many Reasons for 20th Century Exodus of Egyptian Jewry”; “How Politics and Prizes Are Strangling Arab Literature!”; “Jabbour Douaihy (1949-2021): His Literary Legacy a ‘Memory Lane’ of Lebanese Life”; “Revisiting Youssef al-Sayigh: Poet of Sorrows and Master of Contradictions”; “Lamia Abbas Amara (1929-2021): Pillar of Iraqi Poetry, Famed for Tenderness, Seductiveness, and Assertiveness”; “The Judiciary, Latest Indicator of Lebanon’s Impending Collapse: A Judge Runs Amok”; “On New Arabic Books: Shocking “Disclosures” Put Focus on Suffering of Syrian Women Inside and Outside of Assad’s Prisons”; “Novelist Hoda Barakat’s ‘Voices of the Lost’ Catches a Glimpse of the World Refugee Crisis”; “Beauty Before Age Remains Dominant Casting Trend in Arab Film”; “There Is Light”; “Poet, Publisher, Painter, and Patron of the Arts: Remembering the Extraordinary Etel Adnan (1925-2021)” 
“We Want the Truth” (2021) by Tom Young