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VOL. 24, NO. 79. 2020


“Lebanon, Plundered, Blasted, Burning, ‘Celebrates’ in Irony the Centennial of its Foundation” by Elie Chalala; “Many Historic Buildings and Cultural Sites Destroyed in Beirut Explosion: Did the Blast Fatally Tear Lebanon’s Cultural Fabric?” by Naomi Pham; “Beirut on my Mind! Hopelessness as Lebanon Marks First Anniversary of its 17th October Uprising!” by Elie Chalala; “Beirut Port Explosion Could Trigger Existential Crisis of Mass Emigration” by Elie Chalala; “Rehabilitation or Reconstruction: Will a Resurrected Beirut Restore its Architectural and Social Fabric?” by Elie Chalala and Naomi Pham; “Rifat Chadirji (1926-2020): Architect Who Integrated Traditional Iraqi and Modern Architectures, Then Turned to Life of Writer and Scholar” by Elie Chalala; Rose Antun: Early 20th Century Arab Feminist Journalist How ‘Shwam’ Migration Contributed to Arab Renaissance Movement” by Naomi Pham; “A Nation in Gathering Mental Ward: Is Lebanon Now Chekhov’s Ward No. Six?” by Al Jadid Staff


“The Feeling of Being Watched,” directed by Assia Boundaoui, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “I Am the Revolution,” directed by Benedetta Argentieri, reviewed by Lynne Rogers


“Arab New York: Politics and Community in the Everyday Lives of Arab Americans” by Emily Regan Wills, reviewed by Angele Ellis; “The Movement and the Middle East: How the Arab-Israeli Conflict Divided the American Left” by Michael R. Fischbach, reviewed by Michael Teague; “The Pianist from Syria: A Memoir” by Aeham Ahmad, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Interrogating Secularism: Race and Religion in Arab Transnational Art and Literature” by Danielle Haque, reviewed by Pamela Nice; “The Road from Raqqa: A Story of Brotherhood, Borders, and Belonging” by Jordan Ritter Conn, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Oath of Vengeance” by D.W. Aossey, reviewed by Michael Teague; “The Philosopher Responds: An Intellectual Correspondence from the Tenth Century Volume Two” by Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi and Abu Ali Miskawayh, reviewed by Joseph Sills; “I Found Myself in Palestine: Stories of Love and Renewal from around the Globe” by Nora Lester Murad, reviewed by Lynne Rogers; “Women Rising: In and Beyond the Arab Spring” edited by Rita Stephan and Mounira M. Charrad, reviewed by Lynne Rogers


“Jad Tabet on Heritage in Conflict and Beirut Blast in UNESCO” by Jad Tabet


“Fatherland” by Hanna Saadah


“Toxic Beirut” (2020) by Tom Young

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