Vol. 18, no. 66

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Essays & Features

Editors Notebook/By Elie Chalala
Lebanese Rejectionist Media: A Disgraceful Institution
The Arab And Lebanese Left: From Politicaleconomy To Islamophobia?
Long Lived The Killer!
Lebanese Politicians Suffer From ‘Dissociative Amnesia’
The Picture Of A Woman From Aleppo!Aleppo: A Tale Of Three Cities

Ziad, Fairouz, Sayyed Hassan: Consequences And Responsibilities Of Being An ‘Icon’

Nidal Seijari: A Lost Voice For Peace
By Rebecca Joubin

The Uncomprompromising Voice Of Syrian Screenwriter Fouad Hamira
By Rebecca Joubin


Arabic Poetry And The Public Sphere Today: A Conversation Between Abbas Beydoun And Rula Jurd



Genderless God And Pluralistic Islam Focus Of New Film
By Salam Mir
Film Sheds New Light On ‘Assad Twilight’
By Salam Mir
Iran’s ‘Lost And Silent Voices’ Of 2009 Election Heard In Abadi Film
By Lynne Rogers
Documentary Film Gives Voice To The Erotic Body
By Kim Jensen
A Bridge From Past To Future
By Bobby S.Gulshan
Does God Distinguish Gender?
By Lynne Rogers
A Family Affair
By Lynne Rogers
‘The Square’: A Precarious Mixture Of Art And Politics
By Nada Ramadan Elnahla


Book Examines Petro-Dollar Paradox
By Beau Clark
Through The Eyes Of Babes
By Bobby S. Gulshan
‘Temporal Template’: Tool For Western Hegemony
By Lauren Khater
Narratives Of Immigration
By Lynne Rogers
Sexuality And Modernity In Today’s Iran
By Lynne Rogers
Beauty And Tragedy Of 60’s Morocco Comes To Life In A New Novel
By Rebecca Joubin
One America...Or ‘Unamerica’?
By Frances Noble
Timeless Art Of Bedouin Weaving
By D.W. Aossey
Art Reveals An ‘Unflattened Globalization’
By Dave Aossey
Breaking Away From Extremism
By Frances Noble
Un-Dividing West And East
By Paige Donnelly

Cover Artist

Doris Bittar, “Syria Bleeds”

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