Vol. 15, No. 61

Essays & Features

2. Arab Rationalism and the Issue of "Dialogue" in Islamic Culture, by Elie Chalala

6. The Politics of Getting Published, by Andrea Shalal-Esa

8. Taking on Sexual Harassment in Egypt, by Mohammed Ali Atassi

10. Mansour Rahbani, Legacy of a Family and a Generation, by Sami Asmar

11. Albert Cossery, 1913-2008: Mockery as Resistance, by Michael Teague

52. A Prize to Celebrate: Abdellatif Laabi Wins 2009 Goncourt Literary Prize for Poetry, by Elie Chalala

14. Helen Karam, on Childhood Inspirations, Her Artistic Quest to Preserve Beirut, and Strong Will to Survive on Her Own Terms, by Rebecca Joubin

17. Syrian Artist Walid Agha Searches for the Spirit of the Letters,
by Rebecca Joubin


Yasmin Levy at the Skirball Center, by Daniel Hugh-Jones

Issa Boulos Brings Al-Hallaj Back to Life, by Sami Asmar


20. Documentaries Reveal Complicated Interactions Between Israelis and Palestinians. Lynne Rogers reviews two documentaries: “Strawberry Fields,” directed by Ayelet Heller, and “Men on the Edge,” directed by Macabit Abrahmzon and Avner Faingulernt.

21. Growing Accustomed to Beirut’s Scars. Rebecca Joubin reviews “Falling From Earth,” directed by Chadi Zineddine.

22. Guns and Ghosts in the House.Lynne Rogers reviews two films: “To See If I’m Smiling,” directed by Tamar Yarom, and “My Home – Your War,” directed by Kylie Grey.

23. Viennese Jew Journeys into Islam. Rebecca Joubin reviews “A Road to Mecca: The Journey of Muhammad Asad,” directed by Georg Misch.

24. From Condemning Voter Fraud to Chronicling Regime’s Predicament.LynneRogers reviews two documentaries about Egypt and Syria: “Egypt: We Are Watching You,” directed by Leila Menjou and Sherief Elkatsha, and “Syria: Chess Match at the Borders,” directed by Amal Hamelin des Essarts.


25. Creating the Nationally Imagined Community. Sarah A. Rogers reviews editors Alamoud Alsharekh and Robert Springborg's "Popular Culture and Political Identity in the Arab Gulf States."

26. Maronite Family Life in Early 20th Century Lebanon, and Journey into America. Michael Teague reviews Raff Ellis's “Kisses From A Distance: An Immigrant Family Experience."

27. Photo of a Nation. Simone Fattalreviews Michel Fani's “A History of Photography in Lebanon 1840-1944.”

29. Pauline Homsi Vinson reviews Angela Tahaan Leone's “Swimming Toward the Light.”

30. Filling the Void. Bobby S. Gulshanreviews Ahmad Harb's “Remains.”

30. Kaleidoscopic Novel Woven Around Syrian History. Daniel Hugh-Jones reviews Rafik Schami's “The Dark Side of Love.”

31. How Does It Feel to be a Problem? Susan Muaddi Darrajreviews Moustafa Bayoumi's “Being Young and Arab in America.”

32. Translation and Cultural Imperialism. Rebecca Joubin reviews Abdelfattah Kilito's “Thou Shalt Not Speak My Language.”

32. Rethinking the Mediterranean.Andrea Shalal-Esa reviews Iain Chambers's “Mediterranean Crossings: The Politics of an Interrupted Modernity.”

33. Loving His Country Through Metadrama. Michael Najjar reviews Dina A. Amin's “Alfred Farag and the Egyptian Theater."

34. Women as Cultural Carriers, Victims and Innovators. Lynne Rogers reviews editor Valentine M. Moghadam's “From Patriarchy to Empowerment: Women’s Participation, Movements, and Rights in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia."

35. Writers Keeping Pace with Troubling Realities. Rebecca Joubin reviews Shakir Mustafa's “Contemporary Iraqi Fiction: An Anthology Edited and translated from the Arabic.”

36. Death Before Dishonor. Hilary Hesse reviews Ayse Onal's “Honor Killing: Stories of Men Who Killed.”

37. Twelve Tales of Trial and Tribulation. Lynne Rogers reviews Etel Adnan's "Master of the Eclipse.”

38. Differences: Avoiding Misconceptions About Islam. Robert Livermore reviews Fuad I. Khuri's “Imams and Emirs: State, Religion and Sects in Islam."

39. Embracing Inbetweenness.Michael Najjar reviews Sarah M. A. Gualtieri's “Between Arab and White: Race and Ethnicity in the Early Syrian American Diaspora.”

40. Telematic Installation Mirrors Post-modern Warfare. Bobby S. Gulshan reviews Wafaa Bilal and Kari Lydersen's “Shoot an Iraqi: Art, Life, and Resistance Under the Gun.”

42. Love Letters Unite East and West. Rebecca Joubin reviews Hanna Saadah's “Epistole: A Love Story in Letters.”

43. The Encyclopedia of Arab American Artists Showcases the Arab American Mosaic. D. W. Aossey reviews Fayeq Oweis's “Encyclopedia of Arab American Artists: Artists of the American Mosaic.”

45. Dreaming in Morocco. Pamela Nice reviews Tahar Ben Jelloun's “Leaving Tangier."

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