The Suspension Bridge (Al Jisr al-Mualaq)

The Assad forces destroyed the Suspension Bridge—or Al Jisr al-Mualiq in Arabic—last month. The footbridge, which was built in 1927 during the French Mandate over Syria, is a symbolic archaeological site. Located in Deir Ezzor Province, it connects the southern part of the Levant through the Euphrates River with upper Mesopotamia. Poet and filmmaker Hala Mohammad reflects on the significance of the Suspension Bridge for both herself and many other Syrians in the following edited translation of her poignant verses.
To the Assad regime: 
We do not need your favors...
take away our internet and information technology,
but leave us the Suspension Bridge 
which connects spirit with spirit.
The Green Bridge bears memories of our bygone days.
Oh what a misfortune Green Bridge,
woe unto you, my old brother.
How many times have I walked this beautiful bridge.
The enemies built a culture,
the natives have destroyed it.
The difference between the two is the difference between France and Al Assad's.
(From Hala Mohammad's Facebook)
(Edited translation by E. Chalala for Al Jadid magazine)
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