Vol. 18, No. 67

Essays & Features
2. How an Era of Progressive Scholarship Helped Conceal Assad’s Sectarianism, by Elie Chalala
12. Saad bin Mohammed: Epitomizing His Country’s Journey of Discovery,  by Wided Khadraoui
Editor's Notebook
8-11. Editor’s Notebook/Elie Chalala
13. “The Assads’ Syria” Nevermore: Ziad Majed Speaks on his “The Orphaned Revolution”
14. A Visit with Casey Kasem: the 1996 Interview – Kasem Speaks Out About Activism, Hope and Change, by Elie Chalala
16. The Embrace of Beauty and Suffering in Dina Abd Elsalam’s  ‘Rest in Peace’, by Nada Ramadan Elnahla
18. The Arab: A 19th Century American Imperialist Narrative, by Lynne Rogers
19. Fragments of Love and Loneliness: Adania Shibli’s New Novel, by Lauren Khater 
19. The Only Diner in the Restaurant: A Travel Writer’s Perspective on the Arab Spring, by Daniel Hugh-Jones
20. Is Geography Destiny?, by Lauren Khater 
22. Translating Grief, Scattered Blonds and the Memories of the Dead, by Theri Alyce Pickens
22. A Philosopher’s Tale:The Remarkable Life of Ibn Sab’in, by Frances Khairallah Noble 
24. Alexandrian Cosmopolitanism: Beyond Western Privilege, by Caroline Seymour-Jorn
25. From Lebanon to Canada: A Tale of Immigration, Contrasts  and Contradictions, by Jihad El-Zein
26. The Death of Plows and Books: Isa al-Yasiri’s Devastating Vision of Peasant Migration from the Iraqi South, by Rula Jurdi
27. Tribalism: A Modern Approach to the Gulf by Hilary Hesse
39. Mauritania: A Study in Contradictions, by Rebecca Joubin
Books In Brief/By Lynne Rogers
28. When Fences Do Not Make Good Neighbors, a review of “The Great Race to Sycamore Street.”
28. Unlikely Yet Lovable Immigrants, a review of “The Golem and the Jinni.”
29. A Carpet Ride Past the Kalashnikovs, a review of the “Fort of Nine Towers, An Afghan Childhood.” 
29. A Musical Memoir: Wasif Jawhariyyeh’s Jerusalem, a review of “A Musical Record of Jerusalem: the Storyteller of Jerusalem.” 
30. Blue Hair, Love, Jobs, and the Lebanese War, a review of “An Unnecessary Woman.”
31. Living with Voices: Magical Realism in War-Torn Iran, a review of  “Afsaneh, A Novel From Iran.” 
31. Eulogy for Love: A Casualty of the Iranian-Iraqi War, a review of “The Corpse Washer.” 
32. Afghanistan’s Multigenerational Victims and Villains, a review of “The Pearl That Broke Its Shell.”
Briefly Noted/By Frances Khairallah Noble 
33. American or Lebanese? Where do immigrants belong?, a review of “Through & Through.”
33. The Bedouin and Gertrude Stein, a review of “Gertrude.”
33. From Nomad to Farmer: The Steep Price of “Civilization,” a review of “New Waw.”
34. Life From Beneath The Knife, by Hanna Saadah
40. Translating Syria’s Foremost Playwright to the New York Stage, by Rula Jurdi
11. A Faraway Room by Miled Faiza
32. Puppets by Miled Faiza
37. My Native Town by Joseph Ayoub
5. Contributors and Cover artist