Issue No. 53

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4. Iraqi Journalist's Murder Targets
'Idea of Iraq,' by Judith Gabriel

6. Youssef al-Sayigh: Poet of Sorrows, Master of Contradictions, by Elie Chalala

10. Homage to the Early Lebanese Immigrants,by Eugene Paul Nassar 

11. Woman as Scapegoat
by Ghada Samman 

12. If Memory Serves: The Oral Iraqi Internet of Abu Halub, by Rebecca Joubin

26. Nahda Salah Balaa: Opening Doors for ArabArts, by Fayeq Oweis

14. "Arna's Children": An Israeli Activist's Family Saga, by Mohammed Ali Atassi 

18. Friend of Emile Habibi Views ‘Israeli-Arab’ Reality Since Mentor's Death,
by Miko Peled 

19. Speaking in Tongues: Film Examines Languages, by Brigitte CalandInterviews22. Bandar Abdel Hamid on Poetry, Cinema, and a Small Room, by Rebecca Joubin

24. To See and To See Again: Doris Bittar Looks at Lebanon Through Another Eye, by Rebecca Romani 

32. Arab World Music: From Andalus to Darweesh's Egypt, by Judith Gabriel


23. "A Letter a Hundred Years On,"  by Bandar Abdul Hamid


28. "Returning,"  by Salah el-Moncef Bin Khalifa


2. An Intimate Lens: Bittar's New Approach to Picturing the Middle East, by Rebecca Romani


34. New Novel Chronicles Life, Love of Poet Ahmad Rami and Um Kulthum, by Sami Asmar 

35. Shamah and the Mystic, by Pamela Nice 

36. America Discovers 'Morocco," by Rebecca Romani37. New Adonis Translation,  by Philip Daughtry 

37. Sweeping Away 'Voyager,' by Mark Grimes

38. Modern Syrian Culture in Profiles, by Tom D'Evelyn 

39. In the Shadow of Heroes and Lovers, by Lynne Rogers

42. The Pen Wielded by Women: Six New Works by Arab and Arab-American Writers, by Lynne Rogers 

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